What is the best musical instrument for a beginner musician?

Music is the strongest form of magic. -Marilyn Manson

Music is the strongest form of magic. -Marilyn Manson

A common question people have is, “What is the best musical instrument for beginners?” Whether for you or your child, this is a common question and if you asking, you are not alone. Because music is an important part of our culture and lives, the pressure to choose the right instrument can lead to anxiety. Instruments are often expensive, so fear of making the wrong decision may lead people to avoid starting out at all. However, music can bring life-long joy to children and families, so while the decision is an important one, it is one that is well worth the time, investment, and effort.

If you are a parent, you may fear that you will make a mistake in choosing and your child won’t want to continue in music. Early on, it is important to remember that the first instrument is an introduction to music for you or your child. The first instrument represents the beginning of what may become a lifetime of joy, whether as a hobby or pastime, or even a potential career.

A common place to start in music is with the piano. The piano is an instrument that can open up a world of music and lead to easier understanding of other instruments later on. Because learning the piano teaches the student not only how to play an instrument, but also how music works with combinations of notes, scales, chords, melodies, and harmonies. The piano makes a perfect introduction into the world of instrumental music.

Piano keys
Piano lessons are available in most communities. A quick search online or conversation with local music teachers, churches, or art venues may help you find what you are looking for. If you do not own a piano, starter pianos are often available at low-cost or even free. Check online auctions or sales sites, which often have pianos listed. If you are local, HMH can help you find a piano. Just contact us here. No space for a piano? An electric keyboard takes up little space and is a good place to start practicing.

Lessons, recitals, and competitions in piano offer opportunities for the beginning musician to perform, meet new people, and expand musical abilities. Many communities offer performance venues that are enjoyable without the pressure of competition. As budding musicians grow they can start performing more often and in higher places.

Piano also gives a beginning musician the opportunity to learn to play every style of music. Piano can teach all aspects of reading music, as well. While most instruments only teach some aspects of reading music, piano teaches all. Piano performs in every major genre, so it teaches appreciation of jazz, pop, classical, and many other styles of music. Students of all ages can learn piano including those who are too young to learn horns. Once the basics of piano are mastered, learning other instruments is much simpler. Any student who has an interest in playing drums someday will need to first learn the basics of piano.

The feeling that arises when playing music is like no other. It is simply indescribable. Piano is a way to experience this feeling, allowing creativity to flow and also acts as an emotional outlet. Piano is an amazing entry into the world of music.

Man and young boy playing piano and smilingIf you have any questions, thoughts, or something to add to the conversation please leave a comment. I would love to hear your experiences with the beginning of your musical journey, including experiences with piano.  

“You are the music while the music lasts,” -T.S. Eliot. Happy playing!

How to Choose a Musical Instrument & Keep the Music Playing

Letting your child make the final decision is important

Letting your child make the final decision is important

A common question many parents have is; How do I help my child choose their first instrument?

Choosing the first instrument can be both an exciting and a scary time. You may have no idea what you’re doing but at the same time you are opening up the world of music for your child.

At this point in their life your child probably doesn’t know what instrument they want to play either, I know I didn’t! I tried a bunch of different instruments before I found the right one, and now that I have, I play my trumpet all the time.

I am Hannah Kerchner, founder of Hannah’s Musical Hope and I’m going to help you on your way to find the perfect instrument.

The best way to find the right fit is to talk to a school band director or visit a local music store. Once you find and expert who can help, allow your child to try a variety of instruments.

Not everyone can play every type of instrument. There are people that can’t make the smallest sound out of a trumpet, but can play a saxophone, and vice versa. The shape of the mouth, finger size, and genetics all play a role. Knowing what instruments others in the family have played successfully may tip you in the right direction. Trying all of the instruments is also an exciting way for children to ignite their passion and get excited about starting something new.

Once your child figures out which instruments they can play, listen to their preferences, and when it comes time to make a decision let your child choose what they play.

Parental permission form

Parental permission form

It can be hard to allow your child to play an instrument you dislike, but if you force a child to play an instrument they dislike they will be more likely to quit.

Whatever they choose don’t let the cost scare you away. The fact is that instruments are expensive. However, you have to remember there are options. There are programs that can help you purchase the instrument with monthly payments, ways to rent and instrument and if need be, to have an instrument donated to your child.

Thanks Mom & Dad!

Thanks Mom & Dad!

Choosing the first instrument is a big deal and can determine a lot for your child’s future. If you have any questions about choosing the right instrument, finding a music store, what to ask the band director, or anything else please feel free to leave a comment below. If you have any advice you’d like to give or if you want to share how you found your first instrument comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Happy playing!

– Hannah

“You are the music while the music lasts!” -T.S. Eliot.