Instrument Caroling

Our favorite HMH fundraiser is instrument caroling. For two weeks in December before Christmas a group of people goes out and plays Christmas Carols for 1 hour every day. Along with a song we give everyone we play for a holiday card to spread the Christmas spirit. We accept any combination of instruments, and like to travel in a minimum group of 2 or 3, but there is no maximum. Last year we only went out for 1 hour total as a test run with one trumpet and two clarinets and raised a little over $100 for our efforts. This year we are planning on going out 14 hours total, hoping to raise about $1,500. It’s not a lot in some eyes but just that repairs about 8 instruments we can give to students. Everyone is invited to play with us! Just bring your instrument and we’ll provide the music! Sign up to carol with us at