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Imagine a world without music. We did that once. It wasn’t a place we wanted to be.

HMH Talent Show 2016

HMH Talent Show 2016

Hannah’s Musical Hope could use your help.

#Bandinstruments are expensive.

Too many kids can’t join band because parents and schools can’t afford to buy instruments.

School instrument libraries are dwindling, and many instruments in them are in poor condition. Last year, my teacher sold one of his old trombone’s to a student because there weren’t enough to go around. I’m pretty sure Mr. C didn’t get near what it was worth, but he didn’t care. He was happy to have another student.

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Donate an Instrument

Donate an Instrument

First way you can help: Donate an instrument!

Lots of people have instruments they once played, perhaps they haven’t played it in 5, 10, 20 years. It might be gathering dust at the back of a closet, or in your mom’s attic. Many of those instruments could be refurbished and given a new kid to love them and make them feel useful again. If you really love that instrument, don’t you want to give it someone new to love it? We think that would be awesome. So if you have one of those sad and lonely instruments, please feel free to donate it. Your donation is tax-deductible. Send it to us, and we will send you a receipt. It’s that simple.

Instruments can be mailed to us, dropped off at West Branch High School, West Branch, IA (the secretary loves it when this happens – we love you Ms. Farmer!). Or if you live within a 50-mile radius, we’ll call one of our adult volunteers and come pick it up. Just use the contact form and we’ll make arrangements.

Sponsor an Instrument

Sponsor an Instrument

Second way you can help: Sponsor an Instrument

Instruments that donated need a little TLC. Woodwind instruments need new pads or corks and most instruments need professional cleaning. Some instruments are in great shape but need a new case. Those things cost money. Luckily, these things cost a lot less than buying new instruments. Besides, #recyling is one of those ways we promote social responsibility. When you sponsor an instrument, you are getting it ready for its new owner. We make sure an instrument is in good shape before finding it a new home. When you are willing to sponsor an instrument, you are putting a new musician in the world. That’s pretty cool when you stop to think about it.

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Music education can make a huge difference in a child’s success. And it’s being eliminated. Hannah’s Musical Hope is here to make sure music education continues to be a part of public education.

Empty chairs in the band room.  Help Hannah's Musical Hope fill them. Donate today!

Empty chairs in the band room. Help Hannah’s Musical Hope fill them. Donate today!

Third way you can help: Donate Funds

See those empty chairs? Help us fill them. Running an organization like Hannah’s Musical Hope requires money. This website you are reading, it wasn’t free. We print flyers and signs, we donate things like reeds and valve oil (stuff students need to use their instruments) and we have boring things we have to do like hire an accountant and lawyer, because we don’t want to make mistakes. So cash is always helpful. You can help us keep doing what we do by donating money.

If you are willing to help, then you are awesome. By supporting Hannah’s Musical Hope, you could be putting an instrument into the hands of the next Louis Armstrong, or Kenny G. Ya never know!

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Wes Habley, Jeff Emrich, & Nathan Shivers volunteer judges for HMH 2016 Talent Show

Wes Habley, Jeff Emrich, & Nathan Shivers Volunteer as Judges for HMH 2016 Talent Show

Fourth way to help:Volunteer!

Want to do more? That’s cool. It’s a lot of work to do what we do and we can always use a helping hand. Students at West Branch High School receive silver cord hours for working with Hannah’s Musical Hope. If you are far away, you could hold an instrument drive, a fundraiser, or help us get the word out. If you are local, contact us about upcoming events. You could help take instruments in for repair, or pick them up when they are ready. There are a lot of ways to help. Just let us know and we’ll help you find a place to work with us. Thanks in advance for helping out!

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Last but not least: Stay in Touch
If you have any questions or want us to keep you in the circle of fourths or fifths (sorry, music nerd joke)…if you want to stay in the know about what we are up to, please use our contact us form, ask a question, or note that you would like to be on our email list. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, too. Thank you for helping out. Together, we can keep the music playing!

“You are the music while the music lasts!” ~T.S. Eliot