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At Hannah’s Musical Hope we are working to Keep The Music Playing!

We collect, fix, and donate musical instruments so that every kid can be in band.

We also promote #leadership & #socialresponsibility in our community.

We are run by kids. Someday, we hope to grow the #music programs and #youth #leadership in your community, too.

Hannah’s Musical Hope is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 2015.

Meet our founder, Hannah. Without her passion for helping other kids find music, we would not be doing what we do.

Founder Hannah & Youth Board VP Cece

Founder Hannah & Youth Board VP Cece work @ play @ work

What’s the big deal?

When kids learn to play an instrument not only do they rock, but other things start to happen, too.

Things like:

• Better grades & Higher test scores: 22% higher in English & 20% higher in math
• Improved attendance & fewer drop-outs
• Higher self-esteem & less depression

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HMH 2016/2017 Youth Advisory Board

HMH 2016/2017 Youth Advisory Board

Fine arts #education budgets are being cut and the number of low income households is on the rise.
This means not all students are given the opportunity to participate in #music programs like band.
Hannah says, “That’s just not cool.”

According to the latest census,
44% of the United States households are low income (less than $47,248/year) or living below the poverty line (less than $23,624/year).
Things seem to be getting worse instead of better.

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2016 HMH Talent Show #RisingStar

2016 HMH Talent Show #RisingStar

Kids may not be able to afford things like joining band.
Stars cannot rise if they aren’t given a chance to shine.

Budget cuts in schools, particularly in #art and #music departments are a growing problem.
Without funding, schools can’t afford to continue their music programs.

Schools cut the amount of money teachers need to support their programs or worse, eliminate music programs completely, like they did in Atlanta, GA.

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What many school administrators do not seem to understand is that when they cut music from the curriculum, they decrease kids chances to excel in math & reading.



It was like that time Hannah’s superintendent told her, “band doesn’t have homework.”

(Just ask Hannah’s younger sister if #band has #homework.)

Music makes these connections in a child’s developing brain. My mom says it’s called #neuroplasticity
It is something that makes it easier for kids to succeed in school and throughout life.

Music uses all parts of the brain allowing it to develop spatially, emotionally, and mentally.
Just like learning a language, learning music is easier for kids than adults, so starting young is really important.

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So we think it’s a pretty big deal to Keep the Music Playing.

We know musical instruments are expensive, and a big reason kids are not in band.

That’s why we’re recycling all the ones sitting in attics & closets across the country.

We refurbish them and get them to kids & schools who need them.

Apply for an instrument today!



Dance Party Finale HMH Talent 2016

Dance Party Finale HMH Talent 2016

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